Culinary Campus Downtown-SAIT-Calgary, Alberta

Okay World…and I mean this seriously…pass this  info on to everyone you know. THIS, my friends, is a fabulous polytechnic campus and one of the world’s finest as they set the standard in education, training and innovation. This is the School of Hospitality and Tourism and is a business so the students make from scratch and sell some of the most incredible dishes around. The menu changes daily so check it out online.

Nine of us went together for lunch this past week and, of course, we all seem to choose everything different. One had a Thai dish that looked like Butter Chicken (sorry, I didn’t catch the correct name), Roast Beef sandwiches, Pork Loin with gold and red beets and Orzo, and a seafood risotto. To drink, there was a Rhubarb, Raspberry, Lime and one other sparkling beverage. These are new on the market and quite good.

We were here a year ago and Chef Bruno, remembered us. What a memory. Hint to students…remember this fact! He never forgets….

The dessert portion (but, of course) Oatmeal/Raisin cookies and a triple chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, and chocolate chip cookies. Oh, don’t let me forget the chocolate croissants. OMG! This was a feast of feast.

We left here and went up to the Devonian Gardens to eat and chat and, of course, after a few hours of shopping and looking, we returned to the SAIT establishment and bought bread, croissants, raspberry/chocolate scone and a bacon, cheese and onion scone along with a bottle of their Juniper Berry drink. Also, this is the delight of delights….cake pops. Red Velvet with chocolate covering, a lemon cake with a white chocolate covering and a vanilla cake with white chocolate covering and a milk chocolate drizzle. These, my friends are 50 cents each. They should be at least 75 cents to $1.00. Across the hall at a coffee franchise, they are charging $1.50 for one that has no taste, is not as fresh. Your choice!

The students and their teachers have done an incredible job, but it also takes the front end of house staff to bring it all together. The displays of foods, condiments, drinks etc is totally awesome.

We sure hope  they would consider catering. It would be like the Chefs here that branch out and do both. It would certainly add to their resume when job hunting.You wouldn’t lose here if they did, folks. The food is top notch and the quality is more than that.

Go down, try it out and then pass it on. Great food, great staff and the most talented Market Place Supervisor. Marketing and training are her forte for sure.

Remember, you heard it here…not first, of course. The line-ups at lunch are unbelievable.

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  1. chad

    I’ve been there…really a great spot- will definitely go back.

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