Summit Grill, Valemont, BC

We were heading to Edmonton, and we stayed overnight in Valemont and dined in their restaurant. We met friends, by fate, in the Lobby and dined with them.

Our server, Kayla, informed us she was new at her job but would try her best to  make sure we were looked after. We started by ordering our beverages and both our friends asked for a filet. They were told “they were sold out today”. Our friends stated they were told that the week before when they stayed here.  They ordered the New York Steak, stressing at least four times for it to be cooked medium. It came burnt, dry and cooked 5 shades past well done.

Don ordered the Jambalaya….big mistake. It did not resemble that dish at all.

I ordered the Alfredo with chicken and it  wasn’t too bad, but it was so rich that about 6 bites and I was done. It was steaming hot when I got it. Now, it is only speculation on my part, but another person ordered the same dish. His came out very quickly and did not steam when he got it…Just sayin’…

Okay, so it was a bad night. Next morning we went in for breakfast and it was as bad. They need to hire a Chef or at least someone who can cook.

In a word…stay here. It is clean, staff are great. At all costs, avoid the re3taurant. Sorry guys ,it is terrible.




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