O’Flannigan’s Pub, Kelowna, B.C.

After finishing with appointments and grocery shopping, we decided to drive through ‘downtown’ Kelowna and find a new place to try. We picked this Irish Pub (food is always good in a Pub). This was a huge disappointment.

We went in and it is dark, and no one greets you.  I take that back, after standing in the doorway not knowing if we were to wait or seat ourselves, we started to enter and find a table, when a lady yells hi from the other side of the room.

We were asked for our drink order and had the special explained to us. We looked over the menu and decided to order. Now here it comes…there is one server in the restaurant and one bartender. We saw 2 people in the kitchen. Okay!

The customers: There is one fellow using the wifi – no food or glass on his table and he is there for a loooong time. At another table there are 2 men finishing their beer and one table with 4 ladies at it and us. We counted 5 TV’s from my vantage point and another 5 from Don’s line of viewing. The place is relatively empty and it is lunchtime.

It is dark, dingy and not the cleanest place we have been in. We paid for 1  1/2 hrs. parking and waited over 45 minutes from the time the order was taken to when it finally came. When we asked about our food, she snapped at us “we make it from scratch and it takes time”.

Fair enough, except Don ordered a burger with pepperoni called “The Staten Island” and I ordered the chicken burger called “The Brooklyn Burger”. Not rocket science here and can be prepared quickly. When they finally came out, the plate is more than filled with fries and the burgers  looked good. Don only ate half the burger and left the top half with the more than wilted lettuce and tomato slices on a undescribable bun….not brown,, not whole wheat..just…….

My chicken burger came and was smothered in a store bought bottle of a Jack Daniels type of barbecue sauce. It was very  strong and very overpowering. It actually spoiled the burger and again, it came in the strangest looking/tasting bun with a lot of wilted lettuce.  The yam fries were good and I have never seen so many fries on any order- in any restaurant ever before. I know the Irish and the potato go hand in hand but it was too much.

Don went to the washroom and said they were clean, but I wasn’t about to take the chance. The floors are so sticky you have real trouble trying to move your chair. No, I am not kidding. The tables feel heavy with old oil or sticky hands. It needs a coat of paint, take out the disgusting carpet on the stage, and lighten it up. Learn some social skills and maybe, just maybe, you would get customers in.

This was not our greatest pub experience for sure. Sorry! And no, we won’t make a return visit any time soon.

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  1. Don

    unfortunatelly,true.the place needs a good clean up.

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