Oliver Festivals This Weekend

Well, this has to be the busiest  weekend in Oliver of the entire year. We have, for example, the Crush Club Wine Pick Up and Barbecue, The Garlic Festival at Hester Creek Winery, The Grape Festival in the Town of Oliver and various dinners at the wineries throughout the valley. All these events are for the Fall bounty we have.

People come from all over Canada and the USA. Others have visitors staying with them from Australia, and England. It is a lot of work – mostly at the hands of the volunteer. The weather was perfect and no one could ask for more.

We picked up our wine at the Tin Horn Creek Pick up  and finding we still had 1 1/2 hours to wait to get into the party area, we  then went to the Garlic Fesitval at Hester Creek Winery. Well, let me tell you it was so well attended – by the thousands. They had more volunteers and staff working the shuttles to drive from your vehicle to the venue and then on your return to your vehicle when you were done.

They sold wine, by the case, outside or by the  bottle inside. They had kiosks selling things and stuff made with garlic – pickles, tapenades, raw garlic heads, buns, breads and they also had three or four food trucks selling their wares. Medici selling their Gelato was a ‘cool’ hit. 

While all this was going on, they had live entertainment which was really good.

Kudos to Roger Gillespie, Sara, Mark, Jo Jo and all the staff for being so kind and generous and caring to one and all (especially us).

Keep up the good work…..you just can’t lose. You are totally awesome.

Yes, we are also volunteers this weekend and glad to do it.


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