One Week Later….

Yesterday we went to the Maui Swap Meet. That is so much fun…approximately 375-400 venders selling everything from ceramics, paintings, shirts, hats, dresses and jewelry to produce, flowers and yes, even knife sharpening.

We each had a crepe for breakfast and shared a table with 3 very interesting people who live here, and finally found our way back home.

Yesterday afternoon and evening was spent in the condo. Don cooked a ‘huge/big’ chicken (really looked like¬† a small turkey) and then we played¬† a couple games of Sequence.

Sunday we are going to the little church in Makena, otherwise known as my ‘happy place’.

The beautiful weather and our honeymooners have made this past week really fly by. There is not much we haven’t traveled to and experienced.

I wonder what we will do after church?

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