Pure, Honest Nothingness

Well, let me tell you our little secret. Yesterday, we went for a walk, partly overlooking the ocean and partly walking at the edge of the ocean, as everybody does here, then back home to shower and have breakfast.

Both Don and I brought our kobos (thanks again kids) and started reading. Me to finish my mystery and Don to continue his book of 3000 pages. Silly boy! The Australian Open was on tv so  all-day-during-dinner-into the evening it was on . Don loves it and I haven’t a clue. Then we watched a couple other shows we do like and off to bed!

The secret here is – we did nothing of too much interest to anyone else, but are soooo relaxed within ourselves. Today we are off to the other side of the island to watch the 40′ waves and those who dare to surf them. In the evening we are dining at the Haliemaile General Store.

Tell you all about it tomorrow.

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