Ruby Tuesday and Monkey Pod Time

For lunch yesterday, we decided to go to Ruby Tuesday’s and we are sure glad we did.

We were welcomed in the friendly Maui tradition and, after reading their extensive menu, opted for their salad bar. In a word…OMG!~

It was so fresh, constantly being replenished with tons of perfectly cold and crisp lettuces (4 different ones), every vegetable you can think of, then you hit a section of already mixed salads -not done yet-then you finally get to the end and they must have had 8 large containers with different dressings.

Think we were done? Now you hit all the extras (6 of them) sesame seeds, crumbled bacon, chopped olives, grated hard boiled eggs, and I forgot the other two. All this for $10.49. You can eat as much as you want too.

Our server was lovely and told us all about Tuesdays with their unlimited ribs. Uh….guess where we are going?


Monkey Pod Restaurant, Wailea


Instead of driving across the island, we opted for this restaurant. They have a few things that make sure you won’t return but mainly it is the noise level. Anyone with a hearing aid would not be able to stay.

We phoned to make a reservation and were told they don’t take them before 8:30 p.m. Uh! Don’t believe that one. We told them we would be there at 6 p.m. They said nothing. So after watching the tennis on tv, we left to be there for 6. We went in and they asked “if we had a reservation” then were handed a little buzzer thingy and told it would be 35 minutes. The little girl at the desk said ‘did we give you a number?’ Excuse me?  That times comes and goes and Don goes to check how much longer. He is told 15 more….that passes and then I asked. I was told another 10 minutes. All the while, dozens, yes dozens, of people go in and are seated before us. ????

Finally, we get in and seated and you cannot hear anything being said. Our waiter told us all the specials that day and we only saw his lips move. He returned to take our order and apologized for the noise.

We opted to share an appetizer – garlic French fries with truffle oil (their signature dish). Then we shared a lobster pizza. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah. It was soooooooo good. I had a glass of Pinot Gris. (what else? )and Don had his beer.

We left as soon as we could and brought a doggie bag. Anyone seen our “dog?”

The food is great, but sure appeared like ‘over serving’ the 32 people at the two tables behind us. The more their server came back with a new bottle of wine, the louder they got. The entire restaurant was like this. They had a musician but couldn’t tell if he was playing anything. I don’t think anyone in this restaurant could have told you there was any music here. The food is definitely good not good enough to return. Sorry.

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