Spur Of The Moment Kind Of Day

We had a fabulous kind of day yesterday. It was definitely not planned (except for talking to Kelly) then it was off to the Swap Meet to pick up our order from our most favourite bakery “oh Goodies” on the island. We walked around the market and bought a few things to bring home (groan, says the suitcases) and then Don made the big mistake saying “what do you want to do now”.

Now, you all who know me, will understand me when I answered ‘let’s go to Walmart’. I was thinking to buy some macadamia treasures to bring home. Did that happen? Didn’t get a bloomin’ one, but bought even more things to bring home.

Now, he says (and by now you would think he’s learned his lesson today)….what shall we do for lunch? Go home or go back to Ruby Tuesday? As we are driving along the highway I said “let’s toss a coin….oh no, let’s go back to Keoda’s”. Oh wait, that is on the other side of the island.

Then Don says he would like to go back to Bubba Gumps before we leave. Then being the dutiful wife said okay let’s go there. And we did. Now if you have been to Maui you will understand when I tell you we, so far, have driven from the south (Kihei) to the north (Kahalui) back to the northeast side (Lahaina) and now back to Kihei.

We get all the parcels home, put away what we can and watch more of the tennis. Our Canadians are doing well. What a day! What an island.


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