White Spot, Penticton, B.C.

Well, well, well. We were in Penticton today and thought it would be nice to go to White Spot for a great lunch. Surprise, surprise.

The young hostess put us in the furthest corner in the back. That is alright, but it wasn’t full nor did she even ask us if we wanted to eat on their patio. It was 33 degrees here at Noon. Our server came over and asked what we wanted to drink – coffee for me (later on this) and Don ordered an iced tea.

I orderedĀ  a Mushroom Monty poutine (dear waistline, forgive me) and Don ordered a shrimp sandwich. The food came out and I will not exaggerate but I could smell the bacon (starting to turn) and could not believe what was presented to me. I do not believe for a moment that it was a Red Seal Chef who prepared this food. The gravy was a turkey gravy “cuz they didn’t have any beef gravy” and the fries were barely fried. I immediately asked her to return it to the kitchen after only one bite, explaining why. Also, the top was buried in green onions cut on the bias. I have NEVER seen this before on any meal. let aloneĀ  fries.

Don’s sandwich was okay and he proceeded to eat his meal. Our server asked me what I wanted to replace the poutine so I ordered by good old standby – Monty Mushroom Burger. It came with a huge lumpy large part of the heel of the lettuce head and absolutely mushy tomatoes that were hot. I pulled out the lettuce and tomatoes and started to eat my meal.

Our bill came out and here is a rub…they charged $3.50 for a cup of coffee and $3.50 for an iced tea. I don’t mind paying for a coffee anywhere but having to pay this price was unbelievable.

Sorry , White Spot, you used to be my favourite restaurant chain burger place but I won’t be back for awhile. Please hire a proper chef and bring back your awesome standard of quality.

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