Lufthansa Airlines, Vancouver to Frankfurt

When we arrived at the airport in Vancouver, we wanted to be sure we would at least be given the opportunity to ‘upgrade’ from Tourist” to “Business Class”. In a few words, we could, we did and are now spoiled for any future travel. Let me explain….

When we got to our seat that was assigned to us, my mouth dropped. Talk about roomy and the seat is just like our Lazy Boy chairs in our TV room at home. Automatic, right down to the fact you can sleep at night, fully stretched out, with a lovely thick, puffy pillow and blankie.

The headphones are big and really do block out 95% of the noise from the engines. Enough of that.

The Stewardess’ never stopped working from the moment we sat down, and before the plane taxied out of the tarmack,  they were serving sparkling wine to the First and Business Class sections. At this point we looked at each other and I don’t think you could erase the silly grins off our faces. Once we were airborne, they came around with hot lemon scented towelettes to wipe your hands with.

Then they came around with the cart for drinks and bags of cashews (not the 3 pretzel per  bags we are so used to. Not many moments after they arrive with coffee, tea, and Bailey’s

Think you are done? Heck no…now they ask again if you would like another drink…now out comes the lemon towelettes again. It seems like we took off from Vancouver only an hour or so ago and now they ask us to lower ALL the blinds, so people can sleep.

Okaaaaaay..thinks I. Out comes the pillow and blankie and it is goodnight to the world. We awake to the smells of breakfast and coffee and juice.

I have to add, they always give you a tablecloth for your table.

All in all save your pennies and when you take a long plane ride, ask for the upgrade, and enjoy your flight.



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3 Responses to Lufthansa Airlines, Vancouver to Frankfurt

  1. Kelly

    Definitely going to try that,

  2. Sue

    Did you have to pay for the upgrade?

  3. admin

    yes, we did. It would have been $1700. ea but got it for $800. ea, It became an Anniversary gift for my husband.

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