Carrying On

After Gilbraltar, we drove to Mijas. This is a lovely town on the Mediterranrean Coast. Don and I had a wonderful Gelato, did a brief walk and shopped in a couple of the shops, until the rest of the group returned from s very HOT walking tour. Back on the bus and away we go to Costa Del Sol, Torremolinas.

We are here for two wonderful and relaxing days. Some of the group took an optional tour to Malaga to see Picasso’s birthplace. In the morning, we slept in a little (yes, we did) and after a light breakfast, we went and did our laundry, along with half of Costa De Sol.

In the early afternoon we strolled along the beach, had a light lunch and the strolled back to the hotel.

We had a lovely dinner on the Beach, Mediterranean style. It was tasty and the gentleman who played guitar and sang (age 87, I think) was really sweet.

After a lot of laughs, we walked back to the Hotel. Did I mention loooong walk back? No, that is not an error.

Tomorrow we are off to Granada. There is a walking tour to the Alhambra fortress/castle in the afternoon, but will be really hot. 3:30 p.m.

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