I was so excited yesterday to tell you all about the Rock of  Gibraltar but the wi fi was down so here I am this morning (Monday).

We left Seville early this morning, heading for The Rock of Gibraltar. The drive was long but the scenery is beautiful. We stopped at a place called Watergate and enjoyed a pleasant lunch in the Square. The stores were closed due to it being Sunday.

Please note: If and when you travel to Gibraltar PLEASE check with your travel agent about Visas. Two dear friends in our group are from South Africa and they were not permitted to enter. This is considered England – passports must be in your hand, picture side up. When you cross the border, you must hold it up as you pass the border. It was devastating for all of us as we had to continue on for a couple of hours before returning to the border and collect our friends.

We got on a small mini bus and went up to the caves and the monkeys. The caves are beautiful (I saw the pictures taken). They warn you if you are claustrophobic, don’t go. When you come out of the caves, the monkeys are there. Again, we are warned not to touch the monkeys or they will bite you. You must let them touch you. If you have any food on you, in your purse or pack, they will open them and take the food out. It is against the law to feed them.

I, however, had the best show from the bus. There was a family (Dad, new mommy and two wee black moneys no bigger than a ruler) who showed me how mothers world wide are the same when it comes to our babies. She watched them and picked them up when she had to, swatted the other to make him come back through the fence. That only worked for a second because the baby ran back through to the other side, Oops…here comes Dad. Yup! He behaved after that. Priceless.

The rock is unbelievable. What a history that goes with it. You could almost see Africa, but was very foggy due to the warm (as in hot) temperature. We could just make out the outline of the land mass.

We travelled on to Mijas and then our destination of Costa Del Sol. More on that later. Time for breakfast.


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