Crowne Plaza Hotel, Porto, Portugal

This Hotel truly represents what a 5 Star Hotel should be. Beautiful entrance, very fast service in getting 40 suitcases to the right people in no time at all, every detail including one I had not seen before. The room smelled so lovely- like fresh ground nutmeg and they had left  a small box on the pillow. It had 2 small spray bottles with a note  stating if you wanted a good nights sleep, just spray lightly on the pillow. It was lavender.

We were having one of our dinners in the Hotel and it was perfect. For the starter, a small green salad with oil/balsamic vinegar. It came with 2 thin slices of a grain crusted  bread coins with melted Brie Cheese and a Quince jelly dollop on top.

The second course was a salt crusted salmon, baked and a couple of roasted potatoes and beautifully cooked Brussel Sprouts. Almost at tilt when the server brings out a lovely open faced tart with sliced apples and cinnamon. It had a cannelle of vanilla ice cream. Good Grief!

Our Guide, Elena, bought everyone a glass of wine for their dinner.

Great Hotel. If here do not miss.


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