Hotel Alameda Palace, Salamanca, Spain

I mentioned previously just how beautiful this hotel is…and it is. It has been given the 5 Star designation but I am at a loss why that happened.

We were to dine in at this evening, after driving from Toledo. When we arrived in the dining room, a Buffet, of sorts was laid out and it was nothing special. Shredded beets from a can and shredded; cold pasta salad with corn (canned), hard boiled eggs, cut in quarters, sliced onions, lettuce- no dressing but they did have oil and vinegar.

The main hot foods consisted of 3 pan trays with absolutely no labels to tell you what it was. Pork sliced very thin with potato and cheese sauce ,  Paella with lots of squid, a couple shrimp and not much else and the third dish was cut up green beans (not fresh) with a ton of garlic.

Dessert was a disaster. A ‘cake’ with a very soggy crepe bottom, about 1 inch of whipped oil, another crepe, another layer of the whipped topping and a couple chocolate sprinkles. In a large bowl beside this was canned fruit cocktail. Get your own coffee from a machine. This seems to be normal here. The wine I asked for, came but was half the normal 4 oz.

We return to our room and find no Kleenex, no garbage can in the room and in the bathroom, you have difficulty  sitting on the throne, because someone placed the roll for  toilet paper on the wall on one side, at your elbow and with the glass door about 4 inches from the throne on the other side, you have to be a contortionist. The air conditioner is controlled  by Front Desk and we didn’t know this. Never mind,

Breakfast is next up and they literally grab the plate from whether you have finished or not. When a couple of diners tried to use the coffee machine on the other side of the room, he told them the couldn’t. He  was downright rude and really was not pleasant during the whole breakfast experience. Oh, and by the way…that same bowl of canned fruit cocktail was there.

Five Star – not a chance but with a good kick n in the pants, they could be.


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