Toledo And Salamanca, Spain

Today we were on our way at 8 a.m. for a one hour drive to Toldeo. We went to the Damasquinado factory where plates, medallions, swords etc. are intricately inlaid with gold. We watched a master blacksmith (bad description) hammer out swords from a special metal that becomes inlaid with gold. When he was done, it was so flexible it was unbelievable. Also they sell Lladro. Ummm….yes I did!

Then we did a walking tour with a special guide and let me tell you, it was not easy. The temperature has been around 40 degrees C and unbearable. Besides, it is all up steep hills. Be sure to google Toledo and see the elevators (in 5 sections) where they climb up the mountain.

We had a light lunch and then back in the bus to drive to the beautiful City of Salamanca. Most of the group walked around the City square, but we opted  to carry on to our hotel.

We are at the 5 |Star Hotel Alameda Palace. Beautiful. Our dinner is scheduled for 8 p.m.






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