Frankfurt Airport – Such fun!

When we landed in Germany, we were not expecting the experience about to unfold.

All I can say is thank goodness we had time before our connecting flight to Madrid when was SUPPOSED to depart. We walked for 2+ hours, finally sat down at the proper station noted on our boarding pass and after about 5 minutes, Don asked me to double check we were in the right spot (we are exhausted at this point) and when I did, she just said…it is now changed,  you have to back to  station “x”. Another half hour and we finally get there and as the moment the time for departure comes up, they announce “no crew” will let you know how long.

During this ‘stroll’ we hit a border check spot and have to produce our passport and boarding pass before getting on a train to arrive on the floor where our trek continued.

Another 45 minutes pass, and we can leave. We were so afraid we would miss our transportation to the Hotel, but, of course, Insight Vacations do not disappoint. Off we go to the Hotel and our Welcome Dinner.


**note: wear good walking shoes…flip flops and spike heels a definite no-no

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