Spaghetti Factory, Penticton, B.C.

Yesterday, while in Kelowna, we stopped in at the Spaghetti Factory for a quick lunch. We had not been to this franchise for about 8-9 years as it was not great (in Abbotsford) and once we got inside it started out great and went downhill quickly after.

The meals we ordered (chicken parmigiano sandwich with a side salad and Don ordered a luncheon size spaghetti with a spicy meat sauce and a side salad. We ordered a coffee and a cola. We waited more than 25 minutes for this to arrive. The salads came first but they kept checking to take the plates away before we got the meal. I finally stopped a server to ask that the meal be served, as we wanted the salad WITH the meal.

For me, the serving was far too large for a luncheon service and the quality wasn’t quite there as the sauce was far too ‘sharp’ to be pleasant. Don felt his service size was just right but that it lacked the ‘spice’ that was promised.

As I had an appointment at the Hospital, we had to leave but now couldn’t find our server. I went to the cashier and she told me to return to my seat and the server would come there. Yup, he finally did and we finally paid our bill and it  is tighter and more on the ball. The cooks could do something as well to make sure the flavours and quality of the food is up to par.



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