Christmas 2015

This year I have really struggled to get into the season. I love Christmas – everything about it, Christmas Carols in Church, lights adorning the houses (always looks so friendly), tree up, baking all done and trays made up for delivering. Hold it! Wait!

That is what is ‘off’ this year. Situations arose that changed the timing of everything that is done on cue, if you will. We have always done the Christmas baking on November 11th; always held a “Lead in to Christmas” dinner the first Saturday in December. Always had family also getting ready and giving “Santa” their request. Also, a few months back my cousin and husband lost their only son (33 years old) in a tragic accident. His baby daughter was born a few short weeks after that.

So far, the tree is up and the house has been decorated as much as the Paquettes do. More time is spent planning the tablescape. Baking is being done is batches – must be getting older or something. I only have 3 kinds of shortbread done, Buttermilk tarts made and now I just finished the butter tarts so far. Oh yes and the Pralines have been made. Have my homemade mincemeat to make – certainly a fresher and nicer tasting one that recipes of old or store bought don’t have. Maybe yet another cookie and now I just thought of some chocolate candies to make.

What I do have now is a wonderful, heartfelt memory of Thanksgiving with most of our family and grandkids; a husband who is now better following a what they call a ‘generator’ change, a family who is now more on track – except for one son, with their lists for Christmas emailed in.

The dinner is not happening but instead we are taking a dear friend of ours who is 84 years old to lunch and a concert next Sunday afternoon for her Christmas present. A huge bag of goodies for a needy person has already been given to our Minister  to hand out, saying only that it is from two who care. We are hosting Christmas dinner for two of our neighbors/friends and, on Boxing Day, we are having two more neighbors/new friends for dinner. Then in the New Year Don’s daughter is coming to stay for a few days, arriving from Montenegro.

So, all in all, this will probably be the best finish to an upside-down year. I am truly blessed with a loving and wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter of mine, Don’s 4 children whom I love with all my heart and 4 grandchildren who light up my world and extended family still.

Yup! It started out a bit slow but is picking up at a wonderful pace with blessings flowing constantly. To one and all, Merry Christmas. To all of you who celebrate another Festive holiday at this time, may you all enjoy it to the fullest.

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