Pay It Forward – To Me – WOW!

Today, after getting all our chores done and the rest of the day ahead of us, I suggested to my husband we get in the car and drive to Osoyoos – go to the Bakery -now open this weekend, then I would take him for lunch and we could then go to Home Hardware (Francis’s place).

Off we go. We buy 2 butter tarts (if ever here – don’t walk out without one), 2 hot cross buns and a focaccia loaf. Done. Now for lunch.

We go to Convivia Restaurant and are enjoying a wonderful quiet ‘date’ lunch. We got talking with our fabulous server about Dads and for whatever the reason, I choked up. Our server left but the lady behind her said to her, we were just talking about how precious Moms are and I understand how she feels.  I waited a few moments and left the area and met with our server. I asked her to ‘pay it forward’ for this lady and tell her after we leave. She said – she is taking her order home before you leave. I then paid for it and came and sat down.

A short time later, the lady comes rushing back in and gives me a big hug and thanks overflowing. Don said he knew why she was returning but I hadn’t noticed her at that moment. (He knows me).

We left there and walked over to Home Hardware. I immediately walk in and ask if Susie is there and they told me she was away until next week – was there a message? I started to walk away and said yes – tell her I needed a hug.  I hadn’t gone 20 steps and a lady came up to me and said “I am not Susie but I will give you a hug”. I was so floored and thankful and then the lady in Home Hardware comes up and give me a hug as well. Wow and double Wow. At that moment my husband gives me a hug.

I now know what that ‘pay it forward’ means to the recipient. I have been doing that for years and always felt good for helping but no one has ever paid it to me until today. The best part? It was all free – no money involved but I feel like a million.

Lesson here: Pay it forward – its costs from to free to whatever (a coffee, lunch for 1, 2 or 6 hungry men in Maui) It doesn’t matter but means so much.

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