Salty’s Beach House, Penticton, B.C.

Well, it pays to return to an establishment and be totally WOWED when you enter. We had not been here for about a year and after entering the door – Don says they moved the entrance. First wow here. Perfect.

Entering into the restaurant you absolutely stop short and stare. They have completely renovated the main floor (after buying out the restaurant that was next door) and expanded the entire service. You cannot believe your eyes. It is super clean, bright, still has that intimacy feeling when you sit down at your table. Last year they revamped the patio area and I thought that was great. The servers now have a new ‘uniform’ and they look spectacular. They really know how to put it all together.

When our server came over I ordered (what else) the Bahama Breeze Pizza, threatening them should they ever remove it from their menu. Don has heard me brag about this pizza for years and he also ordered one. To go with my pizza, I ordered a glass of Pinot Gris and Don ordered his usual O’Douls. OMG!!!!!!! This is soooooooooooooooooo delicious. Can you guess I really like this? ┬áNeeley Brimer, General Manager here, also agreed it would NEVER come off the menu. She said they have tried other types of pizza to at least come close to this and they haven’t yet been able to master it.

Also, I have tried to convince Neeley and her people to start a Salty’s in Sidney, B.C. They would be a sure winner there as well. Let me see….’Salty’s in Sidney’, Salty’s 2 Beach House’… I’ll keep trying, trust me.

In a word….run, don’t walk to see, eat, drink and thoroughly enjoy this fabulous restaurant. You will not be sorry.


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