The Village Café and Deli

After watching a segment on “You Gotta Eat Here”, we decided we would check it out. So far John has been right on in his showcasing a restaurant. It is teeny-tiny in size. But it is clean and the servers are the friendliest. Our server, Swill, was awesome.

We  already knew what we were going to order before we even entered the establishment. The description John gave did it for us.

Don ordered the 1/2 West Coast Benny served on a potato latke. Did you really think he would order anything different?   Of course not.  It came with fresh fruit as well . He ordered a ‘small’ orange juice. Well…it is served in a beer glass and not so small at that. He said it was the freshest orange juice he had ever had.

I ordered the 1/2 Back Benny. This is egg, back bacon served on potato latke. Comes with fresh fruit and, when we finished our plates, we said we could have gone the full order. It was delicious. Both come with a Hollandaise sauce and that was delicious. In fact, our server, even offered to go into the kitchen and ask them to prepare the other half of our order. We just laughed and passed on that.

Hot coffees rounded out the meal.

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