The Keg, Victoria, B.C.

Whenever we go to Victoria, we always, always stop in and enjoy a wonderful dinner. We made reservations and, therefore, did not have to stand in line waiting.

When we were seated, there was a large table behind us, with about 7 people at it and slowly the restaurant began filling up. There must be a story at the large table behind us as it ended up with 14 men and 1 young lady who appeared to be in her glory. We sure laughed.

Anyway, Don ordered the 10 0z. Prime rib and he ate the whole thing, simply licking his lips throughout. Darn he does enjoy that meal. It is nice to know that they also serve O’Douls. This way I have my own designated driver and I get to have fun.

I ordered my standard – filet and I have to admit, it was not what I ordered. I asked for it to be medium and it came out rarer than Don’s and his almost walks on the plate.  I  should have returned it I know, but they were so busy I just let it go. What helped was a glass of a Santa Carolina Merlot from Chile.

The one saving grace was dessert. Don asked for the menu and, lo and behold, it had Crème Brulee. Can’t let that go. We ordered one and share it down to the last bit.

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