Delta Burnaby Convention and Casino Centre

We had the occasion to stay in this Hotel for a couple of nights as our youngest granddaughter was graduating high school. When we entered the lobby, it is huge and the ceiling are forever high but at the same time, is welcoming.

The young lady who checked us in was amazing in her attitude and professional manner. Checking in was a breeze. Go to the elevator and once inside, you must use your room key to continue. This is a great security feature.

We arrive at the room and, oh no, it did smell smoky. These rooms are non-smoking but let’s continue on. We left to go to a dance concert our granddaughter was in and, when we returned, the smell was still there. I did call down to the front desk and enquire about the odor and she offered to change our room at that time. We declined and said we would see.

In the morning the smell appeared to be even stronger. We went for breakfast and then called for our car via the Valet service. Now, here is young man with a smile that lights up the room. He was there when we came home the night before and now, again, this morning. As we were getting into the car, my husband spotted the Manager and then called me over. We explained the smell and they immediately proceeded to change our room. The attitude and manner in which this staff handle any situation, is award winning to say the least.

We continued on for the big day ahead and, when we came back to the Hotel, we were given a new room to go to. Here the smell was so fresh and pleasant, we finally figured the mystery out.

Although the rooms are all smoke-free, when the staff go on a coffee/smoke break, they return and the smoke residue transfers off to everything they touch and, if they are in the room for any length of time, it lingers. They should be washing their hands for sure before touching pillows, etc.

This is one Hotel who really do care about their visitors and their comfort levels. Would we ever return? Absolutely should the need ever arise again.

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