Pasta Factory, Penticton, B.C.

After we had our hair cuts, Don decided to take me for lunch. His usual treat following getting my hair done for the past 28 years. We had been to this establishment before and quite liked it. That was about a year ago.

Well, to be kind this restaurant is a little tired looking and not looking like an Italian restaurant. It does, however, smell like one and that is a good thing. A good carpet cleaning and a fresh paint on the walls would do wonders for this place. It is very, very dark inside and hard to see the stairs and changes in floor levels.

We ordered the spinach/parmesan dip and out it came, bubbly hot and with the saltiest wedge of bread I have ever tasted. I could not eat it, so I went to the doughy bread that was brought out with the oil and ?????? Don thought they should have less oil and used balsamic vinegar instead. Oh well, onward.

Don ordered the Mediterranean lasagna – which meant it had olives in it and, for me, tasted really briny. Don wasn’t thrilled but ate some. I, on the other hand, decided to stray from my two favourites and ordered the Teriyaki Linguine. I thought it would have been a white sauce with the linguine and a sprinkling of teriyaki on top. What I got was a very beige mound of linguine on the plate. The first mouthful was alright but the more you ate the sweeter it became. I could not eat more than 7-8 bites. It was very gaggy to say the least.

They either have a new Cook or don’t care anymore. It wasn’t busy and maybe that might be the reason. I love Italian food, I really do but absolutely hate it when it is less than even average.

Return? I would really have to think about it.

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