Predator Ridge Restaurant, Vernon, B.C.

On our second day at the Sparkling Hill Resort, we decided to try the restaurant at Predator Ridge Golf Course for dinner. The drive there (about 5 minutes) is breathtaking in the view you see and, believe me, it goes forever.

Our reservation was for 6:30 p.m. and it was a good thing we had one. There was a Charity Golf Tournament on and the place was booked up. Our server, Chris, was from Australia and was a wonderful, caring and very astute server. We were pleased, so far.

Don ordered an O’Doul’s and I ordered a Pinot Blanc from Hester Creek (large one, please) and Chris brought us a beautiful bread, warmed, and ever so tasty. Okay, we opted not to have an appetizer so we could actually eat our dinner and not feel stuffed. Don ordered a strip loin steak with mashed potatoes and garden fresh vegetables (cooked perfectly) and he still just rolls his eyes at the mention of the steak. He claims it was, without a doubt, the very best steak he had ever, EVER eaten.

I ordered the chicken and mushroom risotto with fresh vegetables. Believe me when I tell you, it was the absolute best risotto I have ever eaten and I love risotto. The chicken? Juicy, tasty and not over spiced. It literally fell apart when you touched your fork to it. This was a meal to die for. If only it wasn’t such a long drive to get here.

I ordered a special coffee and Don had an espresso. When Chris heard it was our 25th Anniversary, he said the coffee and any dessert we wanted was on them. We were thrilled. Such a simple offering but so appreciated.

If you are reading this…go here, run or fly, it is a fabulous establishment and have a wonderful chef, Jeremy, who knows how to prepare and serve the best tasting food.

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