Sparkling Hill Resort, Vernon, B.C.

For our 25th Wedding Anniversary, my wonderful husband booked us in for a couple of days being spoiled, pampered and becoming totally relaxed. The show of crystals throughout is amazing, even the doorknobs and room numbers have crystals.  Approximately four and a half million dollars in crystals.

The staff here must take classes in superb service, genuine smiles all around and go beyond anything you could possibly imagine to make your stay memorable. We arrived around 3:30 p.m. and made our dinner reservations immediately, as we were told they were very busy and made our way to our room. Now, here is an establishment that knows what comfort, space and convenience is all about.  Our view was of the valley, hills, and mountain views that went forever. In the room is a spa tub looking out; two chairs with a footstool and small table; fridge (hidden for sure); long soft bench for watching television; desk with wi-fi right there; now the large shower room with double sinks are sort of in the open (just a tall wall three-quarters of the way and the toilet in a separate room. Very spacious here.

We had trouble deciding what we were going to take in and Don decided on a mud bath-muscle massage. He says it was absolutely fabulous and felt incredible afterwards. I went for a pedicure and face massage. Wow! This was, by far, the best ever. Serene, warm bed (like a chaise lounge, only electrical), soft music (throughout the entire building) and total relaxation. Now for the face massage, I asked if it would reduce the wrinkles and she said of course…she has magic fingers. She was almost correct.

The best one for me, over and above the massages, etc. is the pool (in a circle, divided into four sections). First one is hot…you slowly walk though this, step into section two and it is ice cold…yup! everyone gives a little yelp. Third section is warm and the fourth section is cool. You do this three times and then go about your business. I loved this so much I returned later and did it all again. Wonderful for the circulation. Don, on the other hand, went through all the pools. Each one is different with the water being warm. He loved it and felt so good afterwards. He looks so relaxed now.

I then spent two hours in the “Serenity” room. It has 6 chaise lounges all looking out with floor to ceiling glass windows, soft music playing (no phones, pads, etc. are allowed in the spa section). You relax, close your eyes and let all the tension and bad vibes float away. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Then we got a coffee and went to the ‘Tea Room” and tried to get a complete thought working. I kid you not. You are so relaxed, it is hard to get up and moving. The conversations throughout are soft whispers and so pleasant.

There are seven pools here, all different; several saunas, workout rooms, hair salon, make up room, manicures, pedicures, massages….you only deep pockets to take it all in, should you want to.

Check this out. It is absolutely wonderful. Please, when you have a special event coming up, give this one a serious look. It has been called one of the top spas in the world and it is here. Wow!

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