Amazing Attitude Throughout This City

We moved to Nanaimo a month ago, leaving a much smaller town in the Okanagan. This was to downsize our home. The home we were in outgrew us and we also wanted to be closer to family. It made more sense to fly from Calgary direct to Nanaimo than it was for our family to fly from Calgary to Vancouver then to Penticton where we would go and get them after a 30 minute or so drive. We are only 90 minutes from Vancouver by ferry as well.

From the time we checked into a hotel (first to check out what was available and then the second time when we came and bought our special spectacular seaside abode, we have found this City to be so friendly, so helpful; in giving directions or assisting you in the stores to locate what you can’t seem to find on your own. Department stores, hardware outlets, grocery stores, pharmacies and not forgetting the most amazing sector – restaurants. The wait staff are amazing and don’t seem to forget you from one visit to the next. They all seem to have a smile on their faces and I mean a real, sincere smile. I am not so sure if it is because we keep telling people we are new here and still finding our way around but I love it.

We are seniors and cannot lift or move heavy items so Don checked out the local newspaper looking to hire a couple of men and found an ad from a ‘student’ with time off at Christmas time to do any kind of labour work for a mere $20.00/hour. Always wanting to help out a student, I called and the young man said he would help us. I suggested to him he would need to find another person to help him and the items were so heavy.  He kept saying he was okay and could handle it. Well down this chap came, Jayce, and good grief he is a mountain of a man who is just so nice to have around. He worked with Don on building cupboards, moving heavy furniture around and then coming back a couple more times as well to help us out. The point I am making is to take that chance and you will find a new friend who just happens to live down the street. Lucky, lucky us.

Again, if you get the opportunity, come across the little pond between the mainland and the island…walk around, go into the wonderful eating establishments available or shopping galore in so many shopping centers and that is not even the downtown section of this City.

We haven’t even seen what is offered in the summer but what we have read about makes us anxious to go out and take it all in.

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