VI Painting and Wallcovering Ltd aka Sloan’s Painting

When we bought our condo, we wanted to make it ours, meaning colours we would feel comfortable with and make it homey for everyone who enters here.

We went to Sherwin Williams to pick paint colours and wallpaper (yes, wallpaper) and we will be showing pictures when it is complete. I do have to tell you what has been done so far is absolutely stunning. I can be hired out. Just kidding! I only picked the paint and wallpaper, Michelle and her crew, Caitlin and Dave, did all the work. Adrienne at Sherwin Williams was also an amazing help. She actually agreed with what I wanted to accomplish.

The company comes with the friendliest and most happy crew who enter your home and you are immediately comfortable with them and they with us.

Before they even start, they remove things that need to be moved, cover it all up like it was from the Louvre and, at days end, they uncover everything, hang things back up or return to their original place in the condo. They spend almost 45 minutes at the end of the day just cleaning up, storing everything so they can start again the next day.

Don, being Don, teased Michelle he would find her seams in the wallpaper. Well, 10 minutes later, he gave up. You cannot; she is so good. Then, on Day 2 he was teasing Caitlin about her ‘hole repairs’ saying he would check to see if she actually did it well. Ha ha she did. You cannot tell that she did anything. It is sooooo smooth. And Dave? He is such an awesome young man, besides being taller than the rest of us.. he gets the fun jobs, like stretching to the ceiling, removing the drapes and re-hanging the drapes, painting is so perfect. Moving the furniture, putting it all back before going home for the night.

Anyone living in or planning on moving to Nanaimo and need work done, please, please call this company. You won’t find any better anywhere. Hint though…do it in advance of your needs. They are one busy company. Check themĀ  out at

Oh, as a hint to you…all you have to do is bake cookies, muffins or even a cake and they are putty in your hand. Just kidding, but bake for them, they need the energy.

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