The Nail Lounge, Nanaimo, B.C.

I had a ‘not so nice’ experience about 5 weeks ago and went on the hunt for a nail salon that was good and not knowing who, what or where that would be, I googled it and found a listing of the top 3 salons in Nanaimo. I called one and got an appointment that afternoon. This was due to the fact the weather was really not nice and the roads were slippery that I got in same day I called.

Mandy was the young lady who did my nails and boy, oh boy, this girl really knows how to do it and do it extremely well. I am talking acrylic here. The weather and my age has changed the structure of my nails and I needed help. She took her time and did my nails the same way I used to get them done in Calgary about 40 years ago.

This time and, let’s face it, procedures do change and they now add a top coat that when ‘cooked’ leaves your nails dry and ready to go. No more mess-ups.

I always had my own nails before so I  am super fussy when it comes to my nails and I will flash these 10 digits anytime, anywhere. I recommend this Salon for sure and if you need a manicure or ……come here. I can see whey they are in the Top 3.

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