Pipers Pub, Nanaimo, B.C.

The other day when Don was retrieving our vehicle from a much needed ‘detailing’, the fellow took Don along a different route and had showed him where a new restaurant was located. When we went out yesterday (between the snow falls), we stopped in for lunch. It is called Pipers Pub and what a nice retreat this is.

It is very clean, inviting  and the artwork on the walls is stunning. It is all First Nations art and really beautiful. As soon a we sat down, the server was right there, giving us a menu to peruse and taking our beverage order.  The drinks came and then we ordered our food.

I ordered a Piper Provolone Burger, sans onions and Don ordered the same but sans the cheese. He had left his lactose intolerant pills at home and didn’t want to risk it. After a considerable wait (it was kind of busy), our burgers arrived. Don had no cheese and no onions and mine came loaded with onions. I pointed it out to our server and she took it away to be fixed.

After a couple of minutes a gentleman came over and asked how the food was and asked me why I didn’t have any food. He teased that he thought Don wouldn’t let me eat and we just laughed. I told him a mistake occurred and he left and headed into the kitchen. Right behind him a lady whispered that he was going to step on a few toes. Okay, I am not the brightest light in the chandelier all the time, but I said to Don he must be the owner.

Yup! He never returned to our table but went to his table to order his lunch . We found they made a whole new burger with fries and brought it out to me. This burger is so high you almost have to dislocate your jaw to take a bite. It was a wonderful burger and the fries are cooked the Belgian way. Oh so delicious!

I left my card with our server, Cassie, and then Don paid the bill. She mentioned a discount was given to us for the inconvenience caused.  I told Don I was going over to thank him for going into the kitchen on my behalf and left him my card. When we got outside Don showed me that he had given us a staff discount for the error.

You have to understand that no fuss was made to our server or the gentleman in question but they sure know how to make you feel welcome and important to their business and we will certainly return many times. It is off the main track, so to speak, but what a nice experience.

Be sure to check it out.

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