Sandbar Seafood Restaurant, Granville Island

Yesterday, Don and I hopped on the ferry to the North Shore and wend our way to pick up one daughter, Suzanne, and gather a few hugs from our youngest granddaughter before she left for University. That made the trip worthwhile right there! We also were here to pick up our small apartment sized freezer still full of food, and bring it home. Suzanne kept threatening…just kidding.

Our big day is to go to Grandville Island, shop around and then go to a nice restaurant for lunch. I love it there…one of my favourite places in B.C. for sure. We checked out the Sea Bass and at $50.00/lb. we declined that and kept on looking. After a bit, we went to the Sandbar Restaurant. We sat at the window and watched the activity on the water. It was a perfect day – no rain and  spring day temperatures.

Our server, Sam, came over and took our order. Don ordered a virgin Caesar and ‘make it a little dirty’. I ordered my Pinot Grigio and Suzanne had a coke. Well, the drinks came and boy, oh boy, was Don’s drink ever hot. So much so he got the hiccups and we had to reorder it. Sam was still laughing when he returned with a new one. Suzanne discovered she really liked the pickled beans that came with his drink.

The menu is really extensive but Suzanne and I decided on the Fish and Chips and Don ordered a shrimp, and crab Club Sandwich. But to start with Don ordered a artichoke and crab dip and the largest taco chips ever. Oh yes, they also served really warm baguette slices and butter to start.  We all were loading up the bread with the dip, it was so good.

Our server, Sam, is a professional of the highest degree in his chosen profession. I would highly recommend this establishment to anyone going to Grandville Island. It is worth it….every crumb on the plate.

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