Special Birthdays versus Mother Nature

Yesterday was my wonderful husband’s 74th Birthday. What do you get someone who, apparently, has everything? Well it took a lot of thinking and planning.  My Birthday Boy was tricked into thinking he was picking up a package at the Ferry.  He was instructed not to ask questions (like stopping an avalanche with your baby finger) and going with the flow.

The Noon ferry arrived and off comes Suzanne and Victor with two of the biggest smiles around. Surprise! Then we take Don to the Country Club Mall for his afternoon at the Spa where he was to be pampered for the next 4 hours. Victor had a quest to go on and Susanne and I spent the afternoon, catching up over a London Fog Tea and I having one of the best Hot Chocolates known to man at the new Kaldi café.

In the meantime, Mother Nature appeared in a horrific wind and rain storm and all Ferries have been cancelled. Yaay says me….we can now go for dinner and enjoy ourselves without rushing through to catch the last Ferry of the day.  Now, our granddaughters are phoning to say lightening struck a neighbors tree and set fire to it. No power anywhere. So they head out to stay with friends. Okay all is settled and everyone can relax.

We go for a wonderful dinner at The Keg. All of us raved about the dinner. All four of us had different items and each one was cooked to perfection. Don ordered his usual prime rib – center cut and it was perfectly done. Susanne ordered a steak Neptune and loved it. Victor ordered a new dish – Steak with Cajun Shrimp and said it was the best meal he ever had and me? I ordered my usual Baseball steak and Baked potato. It was awesome.

We took some candles in and ordered (earlier) dessert.  They brought out the most luscious dessert with 4 spoons and candles lit. It was almost devoured. Now because we are in no hurry…off to the Casino. Suzanne won some, Don won some and I did as well. Victor on the other hand, I think, gave his $20 up for an offering. It was fun and now home we go.

When looking back – Suzanne had packed her toothbrush and a couple of other items and Victor packed his toothbrush as well without knowing the weather was going to change. They both must have been boy/girl scouts. They were prepared.

Thank you Mother Nature, daughter and her hubby and Don for having a birthday. Now he really IS much older than me.

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