Birthdays Can’t Be That Bad, Really!

Okay, as anyone knows who follows my two sites, (besides family, of course), Don is so much older ¬†than me….that is for about 30 days. His birthday is in April and mine is in May. We just moved about 5 months ago to this beautiful place and, after a few renovations, add ons, removal of others, we are truly settled.¬† I was not expecting anything but a lovely dinner and, maybe a card. I swear to you this is true.

On the morning of my big day, I got up and met the day with a score of cards, good wishes on face book and then I opened my gift from Don. A beautiful bag with a card and ‘who knows?’. The card has a slip of paper in it that says we are going to Ireland and soon. I think I lost my breath for a few moments and, of course, pure disbelief. Many tears (I still have a few when I think of it) and boy, oh, boy, the hugs!!!!!

So, get ready…you can come along with us and you will see why we love Insight Tours for the best hotels, restaurants, places to go and see, walk lots and we only have to go along on a worry free ride for a few weeks, meeting new friends and being thrilled with what we see, taste and do..

I found out where my grandparents came from and we will be there as well. Lucky, lucky me!

See you soon!



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  1. Don

    Benefit…..I get to go too!

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