2 Chefs Affair Again

It is isn’t often I will review a restaurant twice, unless it was really different from the first time. This is not the case.

After Church on Mother’s Day, we went to 2 Chefs Affair (like we do every Sunday) but whoa! I wasn’t thinking. Mother’s Day – busiest day of the year I think, and it was reservations only. We were asked if we had made one and, of course, we said no. After checking the reservation book and looking at the clock, they found us a table informing us we had about 45 minutes before they would require the table. I don’t have a problem with that. I was just thankful we didn’t get turned away.

Kieran came over and informed us of the special of the morning. It was Eggs Benedict with their special Hollandaise sauce with oven roasted asparagus drizzled with Balsamic vinegar and a side of fried potatoes. OMG! I never, ever order Eggs Benedict in a restaurant (Don makes them superbly) but…..it sounded so good that we both ordered them.

After we heard the ‘choir singing’, we absolutely devoured the plates. It was sooooo good. The balsamic drizzle made it totally. We didn’t have to worry about getting out on time. Other guests had left so it was all okay.

We thanked them again for getting us in. It would have been devastating if that hadn’t happened.

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