Dublin to Cork -Part 2

I neglected to mention the name of our guide at the Stud farm, Paul. What a character. He had us all laughing from beginning to end.

We went on to Kilkenny and to hear the explanation of the game of Hurling. A 3,000 year old sport. Now, I have heard passionate speakers before, but they would pale if standing next to Aiden. My goodness it was wonderful and I now wish we could have watched a game. It wasn’t long enough, it truly wasn’t.

We then caught a bite to eat and get back on the bus. We continue on past the 13th century Cahir castle which was featured in the movie “Excalibur” and then on to our lovely hotel in Cork.

If I make it sound too rushed or busy, it isn’t. It is very relaxed and lots of time to take a breather throughout our travels.

More tomorrow.

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