From Dublin to Cork

Day 4 is to go to the main breeding racehorse centre and 100 year old Japanese Garden. It does sound like these two don’t go together but they do.

Our guide is absolutely captivating and away we go through the various areas, explaining the terms for each age of the horses, the horses in retirement in the field and then  their stalls.  Seeing the babies with their mommies, the stallions, the history of the winners from here and then we start going  through the Gardens, including the area set aside for the “little people”.

It is worth going with Insight Vacations if only for the care Tom puts into every step of our  journey together, varying times or days outings to avoid the cruise ship crowds, believe me he really cares and we are so appreciative.

I have to run now, but I will continue this later. I will call it Part 2.


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