Ireland – Our Next Journey

Well, here we are. Don was able to upgrade with Air Canada but a word to the wise, don’t bother. We were not given access to the Air Canada lounge to grab some lunch before boarding. We were told that if we were going to Ireland, /Abu Dhabi and some other country,  we were not given access but told to go to another lounge. This we did, but it cost $80.00 for food that had run out but not replaced . So for that sum of money we got some very old rice and a couple small pieces of chicken. The salads were non- existent. Happy? not so much.

We did, however arrive in Ireland and were met by a charming lady named Debbie and a wonderful lilt to her voice. At the Hotel, we were met by or guide, Tom Horgan. Now with that name do you think he, as well, would be Irish? Yup ! We had a meet and greet dinner and then wen bed. We are exhausted.

Note: I will be playing catch up. Our guide, Tom, showed us where we could go to get a new cord for my laptop. Walked into a store called Sound and they had it in less than 5 seconds. So now, we are ready.

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