Longwood Brew Pub, Nanaimo

It has been quite a while since we were but be assured we WILL return. I am, what I would call, a hamburger judge and this place wins the prize for THE VERY BEST BURGER IN NANAIMO. perhaps even the Island for all I know (at least right now).

To say the least, we are getting excited about our upcoming trip and took a moment to go out for lunch and Don decided to come here. We ordered our drinks and then perused the menu for inspiration.

Don honed in on the Beef sliders . They are mini yorkshire puddings filled with shaved roast beef and topped with an au ju and horseradish aioli. He cleaned his plate, saying it was so delicious.

I, on the other hand, decided on a cheeseburger sans the onions and onion aioli. It came with the best pickle, lettuce, tomato and regular mayo but it was the flavour of the beef that won me over. Don can tell you, crumbs were even missing off the plate. We shared the fries and both agreed, they were some of the best. Light, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It has to be the oil they are using that makes the difference.

Our server, Laura, was right on top of it all. She was the only server and handled every table with a professional demeanor and smile for one and all. She did not miss a beat. When the bill came, it was very reasonable.

This is, by the way, Nanaimo’s only brew pub. If you are in the area or haven’t been for a while – hurry on down. You won’t be disappointed.

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