Clayton Hotel Restaurant, Dublin, Ireland

On our first night in Dublin, Insight Vacations had a Welcome Dinner for the 40 travellers onĀ our journey of Ireland.

The menu consisted of three Appetizers.

Cream of Forest Woodland Mushroom Soup (so, so good) with truffle oil

Connemara Air Dried Ham, with seasonal salads

election of Smoked Howth Fish, served with Brown Soda Bread


Three Entrees

Fillet of Irish Beef with Stroganoff Sauce

Fillet of Wild Kilmore Quay Hake with cream and star anise sauce

Saute Potato Gnocchi with a roast buttered spinach and pine kernals.



Bailey’s Cheesecake (to absolutely die for)

Fresh Fruit Salad

Baked Apple Pie (very different thick crust)


This was a great way to meet and greet and still enjoy a nice meal. The restaurant is large, clean and it was a fun time, meeting our new travelling companions for the next couple of weeks.

After a leisurely time spent here, Don and I drifted off to bed as we leave in the morning to go to Cork.

We think a few others stayed behind for awhile. G’night everyone.


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