Things We Did In Killarney

After an good evening’s sleep in Cork, we continue on now to Killarney. This is the university city of Trinity College. A super knowledgeable and very funny student took us around the grounds, explaining everything to us. We go through to see the Book of Kells which are so beautiful, having been written by Monks in the 6th century. We go upstairs to see the ‘long hall’. This floor houses 2 million books and is totally unbelievable. It is actually beautiful with books on two floors. There is another building that houses another 6 million books. It takes a staff of 150 people to look after these manuscripts and books.

Back on the bus to drive to Blarney. We were told there are 184 steps up to kiss the Blarney stone and due to the fact, I don’t do stairs that well I decided to sit and have a coffee, waiting for Don to return. He, as well, didn’t take the trek up but walked through the gardens.  When he returned we walked across the road to the mill (largest one in Ireland) and started shopping. Whew!

We hurry back to the bus not wanting to be late and get the applause of the travellers on the bus. We are now  going to cross over the Derrynasaggart Mountains to the peaceful town of Killarney.

Tonight we are going on an optional experience and going to watch the ‘Celtic Steps”show. This is Irish music, song and the most outstanding step dancing I have ever seen. This showcased the music of Kerry and beyond. Problem? Just not long enough for us. We know the dancers were exhausted, but we absolutely were enthralled with it. Needless to say, if you ever get over to this part of the world, do not miss this show.

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