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Let me tell you about our ‘worst move EVER’ tale….

We phoned the Nanaimo Minute Men Moving and Storage Company also operating as the Parker Relocation Group and a young man (*) came over to our condo, did his due diligence by looking around, measuring etc. and gave us a quote which included an off storage area to go to and pick up with approximately 60-70 boxes. The Estimator then drove to our new location, checking out the turn into the property and the sloping driveway. No problem says he.

At our neighbours about a week before moving, we were asked who we chose for the move. We told them and then we were advised NOT to use them because of their cheating ways of upping the price at the moving site. My husband phoned the Estimator (*) the next morning and he confirmed the quote once again and said all would be within the quoted price.

The day of the move, they came one hour late and each had a sad story to tell us. i.e. too tired, over-worked, just married and only seen his wife 1 hour before being shipped off again for moves. Grouchy was the word.

So the moving began Later on the driver(**) threw a temper tantrum ( we were told it was because the swamper was trying to tell him what to do) and walked off the job. Some time later, he returned, but only after the company office contacted him and ‘begged’ him to return to the job. Now, after getting that done, they said they would need a extra man in order to finish the job. Were we OK with that? We needed the job done so basically had to agree!! Finally, all the furniture and boxes we wanted to move were loaded and now we asked if they could pick up the boxes at the outside rental storage location. They said not till the next day. What they didn’t tell us was that the truck they were using, was already loaded to the maximum and would have no room for the extra boxes anyway. So, again, to keep the move going we had to reluctantly agree.

The load was then delivered and unloaded at our new home location. At that point the driver then doctored the invoice. To our surprise, we were charged in full for not only the amount quoted, but an extra 2 hours for the extra man they had to bring in!!! We asked what about the additional boxes that still were not delivered. We were told that would be for the next day- at additional cost again.

You can imagine our anger and frustration. So, the very next morning we awaited a confirmation call from Minute Men Movers as to when to meet them at the rental storage unit. It had initially been planned for between 3pm and 4pm. After receiving no such call, we contacted them and asked for the status.

No one answered the phones so we left several messages and the last was basically, get back to us or social media will be our next call. A women phoned and identified herself as part of management and all would be moved, but at a additional cost.

Speaking to her proved to be one of the most frustrating exercises this writer has ever had. Time after time, the story of the over charge from the estimate and the incorrect size of the truck was repeated but to no avail!! After many attempts to reason with her she finally said she would pay for one hour of the cost. We reluctantly agreed.

My husband had estimated it would take maybe 6-7 hours and the entire job would be complete. Well, that didn’t happen. No wonder we have definitely claimed “this is our LAST move.

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