Calico Cat Tea House, Nanaimo

About a month ago, two of our daughters came over to help us unpack (horrific job). As a treat, we took them to the Calico Cat Tea House for lunch.   This is so delightful and not just for the ladies.

The menu is wonderful. You order what you want and how you want it. No fuss, no rolled eyes and only smiles. The servings are more than generous.

Salads, sandwiches and fresh soups abound. Beverages went the gammit from water to sodas to wine. We went inside to look at the treasures they have on hand; souvenirs, different tea cups, tea pots. It is truly a special place.

The patio is full of the largest baskets of flowers you could ever imagine and the grounds are immaculate. Fruit bearing trees, flowering shrubs, The day we were there, it was packed with patrons.

When our third daughter came out about a week ago, we planned her visit with trips here and there, thinking the last day we would take her to the Calico Cat for lunch. How sad we were to find they were closed. They are closed Monday and Tuesday. Drat!

If you are in this area, don’t pass it by. It is so unique and wonderful.

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