Am I Wrong?

I have sat on this for years and years, but now it seems to be so much in the forefront of all news, comments on the news that I am going to explode.

I am not picking on anyone or their Country BUT the race issues will never, ever calm down unless and until people are no longer labelled. Example: First Hispanic female to…., First Black woman to get…..No Brown people can cross…..first Male Hispanic to run for…

I strongly believe that if you removed children from their homes  at 2 years old and returned them at 18, there would be no prejudices. They learn it from their parents. As much as I loved a certain talk show host for more years than I could count, she always and forever promoted the “black” community. Her guests were, for me, 90% of colour and that was always stressed first. It shouldn’t be. Colour of one’s skin or their religion should not be the measuring stick of a human being and I see it now getting more and more like that in my own Country.

Just two days ago, in my beautiful Province of British Columbia, a woman running for en elected position in the Government, brought out the race of an opposing candidate. WRONG! She has been removed from that race and that is how it should be.

Please stop or at least do not be a part of that horrifying bull-crap. To me that is abuse of another human being. I was not brought up to go by skin colour and, my father made sure we went to every Church, Synagogue, Temple or Tabernacle in the City I grew up in, just so I could see that, in the end, it was a natural happening. I belonged to a youth group and that is what we did. My Dad always claimed that he could enter and be welcome in any one of the above places of worship.

When President Kennedy ran for office in the U.S.A. he was always called the ‘first Catholic” to run.  Really?

Did it really matter? Would it change the way he could/would run the Country?

Stop the madness before more people are killed or maimed over this. Skin – can’t change. Religion – don’t need to change. Next? Just don’t hurt or label another human being.

If you agree wholly or half-heartedly agree, please pass this on. I don’t know how else to reach out. I am only one person who really cares…..border or no border anywhere in the our world.

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  1. Don Paquette

    Bonnie, I agree wholeheartedly but would even be so bold to add that the custom of the media of labeling a winner, as you state, with a “racial” add-on should stop. The winner of a tennis tournament, for example, should be simply the winner of the tennis tournament and NOT the First Black ( or whatever) winner of the tournament. By having this add-on label we are perpetuating the racial discrimination issues.

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