bin 4 Burger lounge, Victoria, B.C.

Having to return to visit my Vascular Surgeon following major surgery, we stayed at the same Hotel Don lived in for two weeks while visiting me. He ate at this Restaurant and raved about it. Tonight he is taking me here to try it out as well. He said if you don’t go early you won’t get in and he was right.

Our server, Emily, was a real delight. She offered suggestions and was attentive but not hovering over us all the time. We placed our order and waited for dinner.

Don and I both ordered the Wild Mushroom Burger  and I ordered  a glass of wine and Don ordered his Beer. I think for me, the first little disappointment is when the wine arrived and was barely above room temperature but I let this go.

The burgers arrived and, for me, the garlic/truffle was so over powering it was basically inedible. Don said it could not have been the same cook in the kitchen as these were not the same quality or flavour he had when he ate here. Neither one of us ate much of these.

To overcome the garlic/truffle taste, we ordered a Chocolate Torte to share. It was delicious but did not cover the previous taste.

Again, the bright light in this tonight, was our server, Emily. Thanks for your assistance and smiles.

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