Joey On Burrard Restaurant

A very dear friend of ours mentioned we should try this establishment while in Vancouver for the Il Divo concert this week and we did. What a pleasure this was. First of all, anyone in the service industry or planning on entering this service – please go here and watch, listen and use the same methods this group does.

Our server, Ross, is one of THE very best servers I think we have enjoyed in years. Friendly, but not over-bearing, takes time to get to know you, their customer at the moment, and kneels down to talk at the table. He doesn’t know us but made us feel that we mattered…to him and to the restaurant.

His conversation with us was very enjoyable and funny, yet still professional. We noticed that the staff help each other without even asking. They watch, and step in if your own server is busy. No one is left unnoticed.

Now we order. I already knew what I was having as I perused the menu on line. HA! I ordered the Ravioli with Lobster Cream and seared Prawns. It could not have been more perfect and the prawns were exceptional. I ate all but one. I just couldn’t do it.

Don wasn’t too sure what he wanted so he ┬álistened to how Ross explained one of the dishes and when he was done, Don said “Sold”. It also was perfect. He asked for the Herb Crush Salmon with a Lemon Butter Sauce, Crispy Mashed Potatoes and the vegetable of the day. Whoa here…the potatoes are done two ways – a regular mashed potato portion and the best ever yet – a mashed potato in a potato roll that is crispy on the outside and so yummy inside. Oh my, this was a meal that was truly a heavenly experience.

Now, Ross knew we had time before going to the concert so he suggested dessert. Silly huh? Well, we ordered the Warm Italian Donuts (5) that are filled with mascarpone cheese and a lemon curd. Coffee as well. We shared equally so that meant 2 1/2 of these delectable delights each.

I hope you will go here and thoroughly enjoy the dining experience we just did. Joey on Burrard – I hope we make it back again and soon!


Note: I was so fortunate to receive from Ross and the Chef responsible for this meal to share the recipes with me. One part is ready to go on damnicandothis but the measurements on the lobster butter are more than I can figure out. I need help from the Chef.


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