Bold Knight Restaurant, Nanaimo

I sat on this review for the past week as I didn’t wish to appear negative but a few simple changes would have made it perfect.

When I ordered my wine (I have a problem when VIRestaurants do not bring in some of the better wines from the Okanagan, and bring in lesser known and usually lesser intrigue in flavour but I digress), I found it not tasting like my usual request. It was sour, old, very bitter and left an awful taste so I hesitantly requested a change. The one brought to me, with a smile and apology from our wonderful server, Sara, was ten thousand percent better. Don ordered his drink and, because it was spicy/fire, he had to return it as well and it was replaced with a fresh non-spicy version. Okay, on to dinner….

We ordered our meal and I had the seafood ravioli and Don ordered the seafood platter. Mine was delicious but, and this is a big but, none of the scallops had the muscle removed. This is a rather disgusting treasure to bite into. A beginner Sous Chef should know this; even Don’s scallops were the same. Come on!

The servers were filling in whenever and wherever so you were never left unattended.

This was a birthday dinner for Don, and it was tasty but could have been a lot better. Yes, we will return. When you know this establishment has been here for more than 40 years, they only have to train their newer staff members to attend to their seafood preparation.

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