Nanaimo Concert Band

When we first came here, our dear friends next door invited us to join them to a concert with this band. Sure, we said. They treated us to the concert so we then treated them to dinner. Fair exchange I say.

This band, since 1872 is known as Canada’s oldest continuously operating concert band. The previous Conductor, Maestro Gerry Klassen was at the helm for 22 years and retired just last year. This was our 4th concert with this band and we loved it.

Sunday, we were introduced to our new conductor, Musical Director Dave Fullerton. This was his first exposure to the public with this wonderful band. He started out a tad nervous but as the audience responded so enthusiastically to what was being offered, he relaxed more and more. We absolutely love this entertainment (sold out constantly) and are so happy it will continue on.

The selection of the music was ‘safe’ but the best was Blue Tango and Choo Choo Ch’boogey. Looking forward to more this December when they put on the Christmas Concert.

If you live here or have guests staying over when one of these delights is taking place, be sure to attend. They are lively and fun. If you wish, there is beer, wine and coffee in the Lobby before and at intermission. There, they cover all the bases.



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