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It has been a very long time since we were in this restaurant but yesterday, after a wonderful afternoon listening to the Nanaimo Concert Band with two very dear friends, we took them for dinner. This has been our little tradition for the past two years and it is a fun time.

We wanted to make it an easy place for our friends, and close to their home and this fit the bill. We ordered our wine and Caesar beverages and waited for our dinner to arrive. We do know to stay away from their steaks (previous very bad experiences) and both men decided on the ribs, Judy ordered the buttermilk chicken with mashed potatoes and beans and I (after listening to my daughter rave about this dish) I ordered the Belgian Waffle and fried chicken sandwich with bacon.

The restaurant was almost empty when we arrived (before 5 p.m.) and now an hour later it is packed with people waiting to be seated, so the wait was a bit longer than normal. When it came, there was a bit of “oh my goodness, look at this” going on and we all dived in. Let me tell you, it was divine. Judy took just a small bit home but the rest of us ate it all up. The ribs were so tender, gooey and delicious and the cornbread was really nice as well. Judy kept saying her meal was perfect and the beans were the best. Me? I didn’t know how to eat this sandwich (seemed like a foot tall, so I just cut into it. Surprise! It was awesome and I may have found a new dish to eat.

Our server, Jenna was completely on her toes. Smiles galore, willing to accommodate any and all requests from our table. I want to go back again and I hope we would be lucky enough to have her as our special angel.

Montanta’s – you really did this up right tonight. Thanks.

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