Cafe Du Monde, New Orleans

I am not sure what the most iconic thing to go to or visit is -this Cafe or listen to Jazz all over this City, but if you have never been here before, or are making your thousandth visit, make sure you go (again).

Icing sugar alone would keep this City afloat economically. It is on the floor, chairs, tables, and of course, piled high on the 3 gorgeous Beignets and, of course, their Cafe au Lait. Be warned you should not wear black clothing. You might possibly leave this cafe looking like a dalmatian dog.

Hundreds and hundreds of people go through here by the hour. The line up can be a block long and that is just to sit down at a table. There is another line up for the ‘to go’ customers but somehow hot Beignets with icing sugar in a paper bag is not cool.

We laugh about this special place, but it is one for sure.

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