Uber Transportation for B.C.

I am on a rant now concerning Uber Transportation. Let me tell you the truth about it and then please share this with everyone you know, plus whomever represents you in local or Provincial governments.

While we were in New Orleans this past week, we could not find a taxi to take us back to our hotel. Don said enough is enough and put the Uber app on his phone.

The cars are not identified in any way BUT you get the message that the driver’s name is Clint”, he drives a grey Volvo, license nbr is (they give you the nbr). They ask where you are going and tell you what it will cost. No money is exchanged at any time. They have your credit card info and it is SAFE.

You can follow his arrival on your phone and they tell you how long it will be before he arrives to pick you up….as in 2 minutes or he is just pulling up.

These drivers are clean, the cars are spotless and smell great, they are pleasant and, of course they may have the heavy Louisiana accent, but they are totally understandable and very, very pleasant.

Mr. Horgan and the rest of the sheep do not need to call for another study, or take more time to think about it. Get on the phone or send an email, ask New Orleans what and how they put this together (would take no more than 10 minutes) to get this information. He has to stop being afraid of losing the vote of the taxi drivers and their bosses, and give the public (who gave you this cushy job) what they have been asking for for years.

We have not been in a taxi from Oliver, or to Abbotsford or to Nanaimo where

a) the cars were clean,

b) smelled nice,

c) drivers were clean, or even

d) pleasant and, most importantly didn’t drive like a bloomin’ maniac. We have asked the drivers (some of them) to slow down but they don’t listen.

Please, Uber is not a bad thing. It will perhaps, just perhaps wake the cab companies up. Here in Nanaimo, the Taxi ‘headquarters’ house smashed up cars, some with no wheels, and this is really builds such a wonderful confidence in their driving skills.

Please share with all you know.

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